Bipolar Ionizer


EMS-PS-508TT is suitable for use in supermarkets, restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, pet hospitals, public places, toilets, and places prone to odor or bacteria. The equipment will be debugged and used according to the recommendations of EMS engineers.

Product Details

Technical Specifications

Design Air Volume——————-15000cfm/25500m3/h
Applicable Airea————————————-1,200m2
Shell Material———————————–Sheet Metal
Working Temperature———————–+60°C, -20° C
Rated Voltage——————————————–220V
Rated Frequency—————————————60Hz
Rated Power———————————————50W
Internal Fuse—————Overload Safety Protection Design and Dual Protection of Power Supply

Ionic Valve

Material————————————-Multiple Composite Stainless Steel Outer Net Quantity—————————————–(8) Size-38mm Ion Tube Life——————————————-2 Years
Primary Effect Filter/Medium Effect Filter Bag (Optional)
Timer(Optional), Remote Control