Environment Management Solutions

We Combine 3 Technologies in 1 ESP UV-C and Ozone

Combining UV-C light, Ozone with ESPs, helps keep the downstream extract ductwork, virtually grease free, significantly extending the period between duct cleaning, reducing fire risk and keeping heat recovery surfaces clean.

Protech SMOKE EATER Electrostatic Precipitators

Protech’s Electrostatic Precipitators (ESPs) work by ionizing and trapping grease and smoke particles onto collector plates.

They have high particulate removal efficiency combined with low static pressure. Highly effective in removing smoke, grease and odors.

Protech’s UV-C & Ozone Filtration

•High energy UV-C lamps combined with Ozone are used to break down odours and traces of grease in the extract air by the mechanism of photolysis and ozonolysis – combining high intensity UV-C light with ozone technology.


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