High Speed Hand Dryer

Product Details

• Equipped with the latest twin Blade V-style technology. Two angled blades of air simultaneously scrape moisture from the hands providing a rapid and consistent dry which is not so easy to achieve from a single outlet.

• Smart eco-mode switching, letting you choose the ideal settings for your washroom. Simply set the internal switches to hot or cool – with soft or strong air flow.

• Super easy installation. The back cover on the dryer does not need removing for installation.

• With 4 settings to choose from, you can really customize this hand dryer based on your own unique requirements. This fast drying, yet quite hand dryer can be set to a really energy efficient 600-800W by switching off its heater element, reducing energy usage

• With a state of the art 800W motor, it users twin-blades in a V-formation, generating quick-drying sheets of air at over 100m/s

• Built-in UV-A and removable air HEPA filter for improved hygiene, it will stop any airborne germs or bacteria from entering the dryers.

Technical Specification