Bipolar Ionizer


EMS-PS-501T plasma purification system is suitable for supply and exhaust systems installed in small air treatment systems, such as fan coils, HVAC and other ventilation systems. It can also be installed in the original fresh air or air conditioning system without destroying the original pipeline structure. According to the actual environmental area calculation or odor concentration, etc., adjust the switch 1/2/3 block to obtain the number of ions.

Product Details

Technical Specifications

Design Air Volume——————-3000cfm/5100m3/h
Applicable Airea————————————–100m2
Shell Material———————————–Sheet Metal
Working Temperature———————–+60°C, -20° C
Rated Voltage——————————————–220V
Rated Frequency—————————————60Hz
Rated Power———————————————10W
Internal Fuse—————Overload Safety Protection Design and Dual Protection of Power Supply

Optional Accessories

Air Pressure Switch, Time Control Switch, Air Quality Sensor