UV Care Indoor Air Quality Monitor with CO2

IAQ 800F

IAQ 800F your advanced IAQ Monitor for a healthier indoor environment. With precision VOC, CO2, PM2.5, temperature, and humidity monitoring, take charge of your space and breathe effortlessly. Detect and control VOCs, optimize CO2 levels, manage PM2.5 particles, and maintain ideal conditions with ease. Experience the cutting-edge features of the IAQ 800F and elevate your well-being to new heights.

Product Details

Real-time display of current temperature
Real-time display of CO2 concentration, automatic wind speed adjustment
Fan working status display (manual, automatic, timer); fan running status (high, medium, low)
Three color backlight change can instantly warn and remind users to change the air.
Rs485 bus control, open mode platform, realize the controller’s internal network (can choose custom self protocol, MODBUS protocol type)