UV Care Indoor Air Quality Monitor with CO2

IAQ Pro 7

IAQ Pro 7 features intelligent voice announcements, interactive voice control, and real-time measurements of temperature, humidity, PM2.5, and CO2. Take control of your indoor air quality effortlessly and enjoy a healthier environment.

Product Details

• Seven-inch high-definition color screen, 1024*600 resolution. • Appearance size: 180*115*18mm
• Standard 86 back box, wall-mount
• Optional CO2, formaldehyde, VOC
• Manual, automatic, timing, sleep mode can be switched at wil
• Fresh air, dehumidification linkage PM2.5, PM10
• Real-time display of indoor temperature and humidity
• The user can freely set the filter time
• Support TUYA app for export
• Standard WIFI, also compatible with RS 485.
• A variety of UI styles to match • It can be customized according to user needs.
• AC, EC, DC310V, Passive, Panasonic fans are available.