UV Care Indoor Air Quality Monitor with CO2


IAQ X features intelligent voice announcements, interactive voice control, and real-time measurements of temperature, humidity, PM2.5, and CO2. Take control of your indoor air quality effortlessly and enjoy a healthier environment.

Product Details

4-inch TFT full touch high-definition large screen, 480*480 ultra-high resolution
Real-time monitoring of indoor PM2.5 temperature and humidity optional CO2 sensor, VOC
Compatible with both WIFI and Rs485
Can bring TUYA app, wild voltage support export
Multiple working modes, segment timing, set filter time freely
Optional electrostatic precipitator, electric auxiliary heat, bypass, ultraviolet lamp sterilization
UI can be customized according to demand
AC, EC, passive, DC310V, Panasonic fans are available
Appearance size : 89*89*50mm
Available colors: white, black