Stayfresh! Canada Natural Antibacterial Diffuser DSQ-1010


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Spaces, rooms or areas that are frequented by people pose danger of passing germs or virus to one another.  It is a must to disinfect the area as frequent as possible.  Exposing the area to UV or Ozone is not possible since using both needs the area vacated.  

Wet disinfection is not advisable since it may corrode the area and pose a danger of short circuit.  Therefore, the ideal way is to deliver the disinfectant through diffuser machines.  It’s safe, constantly spray disinfectant and easy to install.

Product Information

Model No. : S30
Size: W285*D130*H339(MM)
Capacity: 500ML
N. W: 5.2kg
Coverage: 2000m3
Voltage: 220V
Power: 22 W
Noise: <45dba

DC 220V
22 W

How to use

1. Turn power on, press the MODE 2 seconds to start the LCD Display

2. The LCD Displays the current hour, minutes, and work day. It also shows the current working state as : WORK ON, PAUSE ON, or PAUSE OFF.

3. Press SET , then press UP or DOWN to adjust the hour, minute, or work days setting

4. Press MODE to set device’s work period and WORK/PAUSE time. For example

A. Press MODE  for one time, that shows to adjust ON time of first work period. Then press SET, UP, DOWN , to adjust the hour minute and work days respectively.

B. Press MODE for second time, that shows to adjust OFF time of first work period. Then press SET, UP, DOWN to adjust the hour, minute and work days respectivelu.

C. Press MODE for third time, that shows the fixed setting- WORK  for 3 seconds (not changeable).

D. Press MODE for fourth time, to set the PAUSE time within 100-900 seconds by pressing (UP/DOWN).

5 lLease repeat the above steps to set 2nd/3rd/4th work periods.

6. Reset the default setting by pressing MODE for 10 seconds. Default Setting: The ON of 1st work period is 8:00 OFF time is 22:00. WORK time is 3 seconds, PAUSE time is 300 seconds. The 2nd/3rd/4th work periods stay in blank.

7. Switch to energy saving mode automatically if there is no operation for 10 seconds. Press any key to activate.

8. The red LED will flash when battery runs low. 


IN order to ensure the best diffusing effect, please check and maintain the device regularly as the following steps.

1. Unlock the door and take out oil canister which is spent.

2. Pour some alcohol into the canister and clean it.

3. Install the canister on the device filling with alcohol make the device stay in working status for 5-10 minutes.

4. turn off the power when finishing cleaning.

5. Take out the canister and fill fragrance oil and install on the device, then lock the cover to finish the maintenance process.

Package Inclusions

1x Stay Fresh Canada Natural Antibac Diffuser
1x User Manual
1x Key
1x PE Seal Ring
1x Hanging Panel
1x Screws set
1x USB Cable