UV Care Pocket Sterilizer

Product Highlights

Designed for Safety
Superior UV-C Technology and Engineering
Eliminates Up to 99.9% Surface Pathogens
Security of an Intuitive Sensor
Chemical Free. Environmental Friendly.
Easy to Power
Clamshell Design

UV Care Pocket Sterilizer

Wouldn’t it be nice to think that you can go anywhere freely without having to worry about germs? The UV Care Pocket Sterilizer is the perfect solution to all your germ woes. It fits right inside your jean pocket, and now it comes in cool shades.

Travel all you want and still be germ-free with UV Care!

UV Care is a US brand that is US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Registered and is Rated A+ by the US Better Business Bureau (BBB) . UV Care is also a member of the International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA).

What sets UV Care's UVC lamp apart from other UVC lamps?

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