UV Care Portable Germinator 2.0

Product Highlights

Designed for Safety
Powerful UV-C + Ozone
Eliminates Up to 99.9% Surface Pathogens
Rechargeable and ready for action
One Button Operation
Sterilize at your own time
Compact but Capable

UV Care Portable Germinator 2.0

Compact but Capable. Rechargeable and Ready for Action.

The #UVCarePortableGerminator 2.0 is your new best friend for extra convenient sterilization of spaces of up to 10 square meters.

What sets UV Care's UVC lamp apart from other UVC lamps?

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We present premium brands that offer highly efficient tools that will help you achieve a healthier and virus-free space. We continuously strive to connect you to a well-curated collection of products for a more optimal living and working space.

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