About Us

Intech Group, since its establishment in 2015, has been the exclusive distributor of leading international brands namely, UV CARE (USA), Liquid Guard (Germany), Stay Fresh (Canada), 59S (China), Eluxgo (Singapore), & Environment Management Solutions (EMS) in the Philippines.

The company specializes in UV-C Ultraviolet Germicidal Technology (UVGI), Electrostatic Air Precipitator (ESP), and Antimicrobial Disinfection of air and surfaces. We offer innovative products for air and surface disinfection, ambient scenting, odor management, wastewater treatment, and fire safety.

By establishing Intech Group Innovations Corp. and UV Care in the Philippines through dedication and hard work, we were able to successfully introduce innovative UV-C products and the UVGI technology in the local market, appealing to companies and households.

We stay true to our mission of ensuring clean and safe spaces and providing effective and cost-efficient safety and cleaning solutions to leading healthcare facilities, companies, malls, hotels, schools, establishments, and households in the Philippines.

Our Clients

We provide quality products and services to leading brands, companies, and institutions from different industries. Giving extra protection to their employees and ensuring a worthwhile experience for their customers.