Bipolar Ionizer


The unique output match with EMS-PS-501 which can trasnmit the air quality signal to the central system computer for monitoring. It also can link multiple groups of ion generators of different models at the same time. It is easy to connect with the positive and negative ion generator, and install the air quality sensor in the air outlet pipe or air inlet pipe or on the ceiling. According to the actual environmental area or odor concentration to calculate the ion set up a value. Blue data can be set up from 1-9, Green data is basic on the actual concentration adjust itself, obtain the corresponding number of ions.

Product Details


1. Induction Adjustment
2. Work Indicator Lamp
3. Switch
4. Fuse
5. Power Cord Inpute
6. Power Cord Output
7. Ion Sensor

Optional Accessories
► Wind Pressure Sensor Switch, Timer Control Switch, Air Quality Sensor

Technical Specifications

Shell Material———————————————————————ABS
Working Temperature———————————————–+60°C, -20°C