Bipolar Ionizer


EMS-PS-501T2 is applicable to places where buses, motor cars, and long-distance buses are pron to generate peculiar smell and bacteria. The equipment will be debugged and used as recommended by EMS engineers.

Product Details

Technical Specifications

Design Air Volume——————-3000cfm/5100m3/h
Applicable Airea————————————–100m2
Shell Material———————————–Sheet Metal
Working Temperature———————–+60°C, -20° C
Rated Voltage——————————————–220V
Rated Frequency—————————————60Hz
Rated Power———————————————10W
Internal Fuse—————Overload Safety Protection Design and Dual Protection of Power Supply

Ionic Valve

Material————————————-Multiple Composite Stainless Steel Outer Net
Quantity—————–(1) Size-520mm(20-inch standard)
Ion Tube Life———————————————-2 Years