Ruskin Industrial Solutions

MCV 500, MCV 1000

Product Description

The enERVent MiniCore Ventilator ERV offers the most enhanced value for energy recovery performance in commercial applications. With a minimum 50% total energy recovery effectiveness and a 16” chassis size, Ruskin® MCV500 and MCV1000 MiniCore Ventilators provide remarkable savings in an exceptionally compact design. The design includes a best-in-class energy recovery core built with a 100% polymer membrane and no moving parts – for savings and comfort that last

Product Features

CFM Ranges:
• MCV500 MiniCore operates at 350CFM to 850CFM
• MCV1000 MiniCore operates at 650 CFM to 1250 CFM

Features and Benefits:
• Improved indoor air quality (IAQ) supporting occupant well-being
• Ease of field service
• AHRI Certified
• Minimum of 50% total energy recovery effectiveness tested to AHRI 1060
• 0.5% EATR (cross-contamination) tested to AHRI 1060
• Mold and bacteria resistance tested to ISO 846a and 846c with a rating of 0 for both
• Static core has no moving parts and is made with a durable 100% polymer membrane that prevents product from failing
• Optional – Integrated communications: Smart Equipment enabled for controls/BACnet integration
• Optional – MAP gateway allows user to monitor performance on mobile devices or desktops

Product Details