Ruskin Industrial Solutions

MV250X, 450X, 750X, 450XE, 750XE AND 1500XE

Product Description

MV-250X, 450X, 750X, 250XE, 450XE, 750XE and 1500XE ERV’s include factory mounted controls as standard.

  • Low Ambient Kit for frost control
  • Rotation Sensor monitoring wheel rotation
  • Climate Smart Control System Start-Stop-Jog fan control for economizer compatibility

Product Features

Field installed Options include:

  • Vibration isolation
  • Remote speed controller
  • Remote timer option (24/7)
  • Dirty filter sensor
  • NEMA 250 Type 1 enclosure disconnect switch
  • 2″ outdoor air and return air filter up to MERV 13
  • Motorized intake damper

Product Details