Floor-Mount Odor Eliminator


The UC-FGW series of unit utilize oxygen from the internal oxygen generator as gas source, and high concentration ozone is generated by the CD ozone generation technology. The equipment has integrated oil-free air compressor, filtering system, PSA oxygen generator, condenser, etc.


The equipment utilize molecular sieve as adsorbent from the top quality joint venture, and pressure swing adsorbtion (PSA) process to separate oxygen and nitrogen and filters harmful substance from the air. The high level oxygen is created which meets the standard of medical oxygen. PSA oxygen generating equipment provide you with the purity of 90%~95% oxygen to meet all requirements; Installation and operation costs far less than cylinder or liquefied oxygen.

► Multi-point malfunction monitoring, main board temperature detection, high voltage transformer temperature detection, over current protection detection etc. The equpment stop operation and the corresponding fault indicator on the control panel lights up when a fault is detected.

► The equipment utilized large power IGBT modules, extremely stable, high efficeny, long lifespan dehydroxylation quartz structure, air cooling parts, wordl-class essential components and world-leading intelligent design.

►With ultra-filter condenser for removing water in the air which can protect the oxygen & ozone unit for long service life in good working condition

Ozone output adjustable, with low noise level

The whole gas circuits work in a low pressure which makes the machine safe and reliable

Stainless steel/Painted steel case and SUS304 ozone outlet

► CE Approved

Product Details

• High ozone concentration-up to 120mg/l

• Less power: High frequency corona discharge Power consumption rate: 8~10kw .h/kg03

• Non-disruptive: High dielectric constant, low loss and high efficiency cooling system

• Multiple quartz tube: Imported high-pressure sintering of highly purified quartz large 

• Main components imported IGBT module

• Multi-point mal-funtion monitoring frequency auto tracking, ensure ozone regulated output 

• Ozone output and concentration is adjustable via frequency-converter control system

• Circuit control is composed of sync pulse trigger circuit, current-voltage reactive circuit , DSP chip, etc-PID circuit control

• Water return generator protection

• IGBT over temperature detection

• Cooling water over temperature detection

• Low concentration protection

• Over current Protection

• No cooling water detection

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