UV Care Room Sterilizer (Double-Arm)


For order or inquiries, please email our experts at corporate@uvcare.net

*Price is per lamp. The number of lamps to be installed will be based on the floor area.

The UV Care Overhead Germinator is intended for sterilizing spaces that are often used (like the washroom in one of @mcdo_ph's branches) where it wouldn't be ideal to bring a portable unit in and out of the room.

We at #UVCarePH value your safety. The UV Care Overhead Germinator has a timer switch and a motion sensor to make sure there is no accidental exposure to #UVClight.


Type: Disinfectant
Category: Homecare
Color: White
Variant Size: 120W with 4 UVC + OZONE lamps, motion sensor & timer
Coverage Area: 60-100sqm